I'm working on a project for BBC News, and I recently helped create a video and photo diary about my life as an Ohio college student during the shelter-in-place order that was published online, on TV and on the radio.

I'm also working as an assistant producer on a film for Frontline PBS that explores how lower income families in Ohio are affected by the coronavirus. You can listen to a preview of the film on this podcast by Ben Solomon, who I've been working with in Cincinnati. The film is being directed by Jezza Neumann and produced by Lauren Santucci, who are currently working out of Athens, Ohio.

Previously, I lived in Havana, Cuba, for a month while I completed research for my visual anthropology thesis about art and censorship. I also interned as a photojournalist for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Cincinnati Enquirer.

This school year, I was the president of the OU chapter of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPAOU), where we were awarded the National Outstanding Student Chapter Award for the second consecutive year. Our chapter was lucky to host Kitra Cahana and Pete Souza this year, among many other wonderful photographers. 

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